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Adam joined the Checklive team in 2023. His passion for betting ignited precisely at the age of 18, and since then, he cannot imagine his life without it. For Adam, the best way to kick off the day is with a morning bet. He mainly specializes in football, occasionally venturing into tennis tips.

In his predictions, Adam adheres to several core principles. The first is to always choose from two possible outcomes. He believes that three-way tips are disadvantageous in the long run. The second principle is consistency and a focus on long-term results. Adam places up to 30 bets a day if the sports calendar allows, and always sticks to his strategy without deviating from it.

Adding a touch of humor to his style, Adam claims that betting is better for him than girls because they don't complain and don't cause any trouble.

Overall, Adam is a goal-driven and disciplined tipster who confidently follows his approach and strategy in the world of sports betting.

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